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What a Wonderful World This Will Be

I admire Walt.  He was a visionary who followed up his dreams with action.  He created a place where families could come together, where parents would unwind and put behind their day to day troubles, and actually play with their children, as if they were children again.

It works.  It is a wonderful world.  And I had the opportunity to be a part of it.  At a gallery in Downtown Disney I offered readings.  In a corner of the gallery, unbeknownst to Disney Executives, I was sharing my healing and intuitive gifts with Disney guests.

And it was grand.  I met many wonderful people and experienced many miraculous moments.  One young man comes to mind, as one of the best moments ever.

A family was browsing the store.  A young boy, maybe 10, 11 or 12 years of age,  stared at the angel cards on my table.  Then he looked up at me with big eyes but he didn’t say a word.

I saw the angels around him, and they told me he needed healing.

I asked him if he would like to pull an angel card.  He grabbed his mother’s sleeve, tugged on it earnestly and pointed at the table.

I explained to his mother that I was an intuitive, who was offering free angel readings.  And if her son would like, he could pull some cards.  I also assured her that the messages were always positive and uplifting.

She nodded to the boy, and thanked me.  The parents and the young boy’s siblings gathered around my table.  I asked him if I could hold his hands for a moment.  Again he just gazed at me with wide eyes, nodding, yet he remained silent.

I removed myself from my stool, where I sat perched watching the crowd, and stood facing the boy.  Taking his hands in mine I said out loud what I usually said with each guest, “Take a deep breath.  Just relax.”  Then I wait a moment until I feel them start to relax, then I continue, “Now I invite in all of your guides, angels and ancestor spirits to be present with us at this time.  I ask that they bring in and through me whatever you need for your highest and best good.  And so it is.”

And then I remain for another moment holding hands, allowing healing energy to flow through me.  I wait patiently for a picture to come to my mind, or words to be whispered in my ear from a guide, an angel or a loved one on the other side.  I wait and hold hands until I receive what needs to be shared.

I received the message his guides wanted me to give to him, and so I tenderly squeezed his hands and opened my eyes.

Then I invited him to pull three cards.

Very mindfully he pulled the first card.  His eyes got big, again.  He stared at the card in amazement as if it were a magic trick.  He held it up for his siblings and his parents.  They all remained silent and nodded affirmatively.

I offered some wisdom about what I felt the card was telling him, even though he already seemed to understand everything.  He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he was wise.  His silence gave that away.

Then he repeated two more times to pull a card, look at it with awe, and then he shared it silently with his family.

I felt his parents concern for their son.  I felt stress from worry running through the family, while I also saw great love and compassion.  It felt like a special vacation for a young boy who was fighting furiously to overcome something.

So I waited for the right time to tell them what I saw and heard.

When he was done taking in the messages of the three cards I looked into his big, wise eyes and said, “And I want you to know what else I saw, when I was holding your hands.”

His silent gaze was sweet and kind.  He was listening and looking with his whole body, taking in every word I said.

“I saw a birthday cake.  A big birthday cake with many, many, many candles on it.  And I saw you about to blow out those candles.   And your guides told me to let you know you will enjoy many, many happy birthdays.”  As I shared very slowly, I saw out of the corner of my eye his parents wiping away tears that were creeping down their face.

And I continued to make sure he heard the truth clearly and that it really sank into his heart, “I saw you as an old man, a very happy, healthy old man, with many beautiful happy people celebrating your many, many years.”

His eyes were about to pop out.  His mother and father hurried to wipe away their tears before he turned around to look at them.

As he turned around to look at his family who stood all around him and right behind him, his mother wrapped him in a big hug.

He looked back at me once, as he walked away with his mother’s arms around him tightly.  He smiled and waved.  His siblings followed him but his father hung back and waited until everyone else was out of earshot.

“You have no idea how much this means to him, and to us,” his father opened up to me, “Thank you so much.”

I told him again his son was going to be all right.  He nodded and smiled and thanked me again.

And who can I thank for this opportunity?  Spirit?  Yes.  The Angels, Ancestors and Guides?  Yes.

And I also would like to thank Walt.

He had a vision.  A vision of a world where families would come together; to laugh, to play and to heal.

Now let’s envision the whole world laughing, playing and healing together as one big family.

What a wonderful world that will be.

In love and healing,





Out of the Ashes

Out of the ashes comes new life…

Three years ago today my best friend was killed in a gas explosion and fire at the restaurant where she worked.

Moments before the explosion she had stepped outside her work place to call me.

She had never reached out to me from work before.

I was driving in the mountains of Colorado when my phone rang.  I was showing my daughter, Amber, around some of my old stomping grounds.  We were looking for a place to park and I debated answering the phone or calling my friend Megan back later on.

Spirit said in a loud clear voice, “Answer the phone!”

Megan was distraught.  “Something’s not right, Cat.  I don’t want to be here.  It feels like something is terribly wrong and I just want to go home.”

I encouraged her. I let her know it was going to get better.  I promised to send good thoughts to her so she could finish her shift at work.

“I am so tempted to keep walking, and just go home.  I’ve never felt this way before…I don’t want to go back into that place.”

I listened empathetically and pulled into a parking place outside a local restaurant high in the Rockies.

“Please send good mojo my way.  I’m going to need it.”

“I will be sending to you.  I promise.  Call me after work when you get home.”

“Okay.  I will.  Thanks, and I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Amber and I ate our dinner and then as I got up to pay for our meal I felt a wave of love wash over me.  I excused myself to the bathroom for I was feeling lightheaded and weak in the knees.

I grasped the edge of the counter at the sink in the women’s bathroom as I could barely stand for the force of something good.  It was a feeling of bliss that was making me dizzy.  I knew someone was sending to me.

I thought of Megan and tried to send mojo her way, as promised, but instead I heard her voice and felt her presence.

I looked into the mirror and I saw my reflection in a way I had never seen it before.  I looked radiant.  I was in awe looking at myself.  I was truly looking more beautiful than I had ever seen myself before.

I heard a voice and it said as I gazed into the mirror, “I want you to see yourself as I see you.”

I was dumbstruck.  The love was quickly replaced with an overwhelming grief.

I paid our bill and hurried out to the car so I could begin to bawl my eyes out.  In that moment I did not yet know what was happening back in Kansas City.

But in my heart I had felt Megan’s spirit come to me, I had heard her voice, and now I was feeling the loss of her soul leaving.

I cried for several hours as Amber and I returned to our friends’ home back in Denver.  Amber looked at me with concern as I was unable to contain my grief as we drove down the freeway.   I tried to rationalize what was bothering me.  We considered all the events that had recently happened, such as the hardship we had witnessed on Rosebud Reservation where we had recently spent time.  We talked about Amber’s older sisters no longer traveling with us.  We considered the fact that we did not know where we were going to live next, and the fact that I was unsure where I was to serve in the near future.

And as the tears continued to flow, we both had no conscious idea of the horrendous happenings in that moment in Kansas City.

Sometimes we grieve for others, and we do not know it.  We feel the darkness and pain of something happening half way across the world, and we justify our tears are probably about some personal rejection or pain.  We have no idea how connected we all are in our hearts…

Friends of mine later told stories of the pain and grief they felt when Megan passed, and they didn’t know her.  But we are all connected.

Others felt called to send healing to the location of the fire, also not knowing why Spirit was moving them to do so.

So much has happened in the last three years, and throughout those three years something had been telling me to stop what I was doing.  My guides were continually telling me, “You can’t keep doing it this way…It’s killing you.”

It took me quite some time, and a couple of lightning bolts, to surrender.  When the lighting strikes – twice – you have to pay attention and do what the Voice is telling you to do.

I stopped.  And I lost everything that I loved…for a time.  The fire came into my life and burned away everything.

I did not just stand in the fire – I was the fire.

My youngest daughter, Amber, and I went for a walk yesterday outside Kansas City and came to some fields that had recently been burned.  Amber and I felt called to walk out in the field and stand in the ashes.

As we kicked at the ground I felt an incredible connection.  You could smell the fertile ground under the burnt char.  There was an incredible energy that stirred my own creativity.

The fertile ground under the ashes was filled with new life ready to burst forth.

I am a new creation.  I am not returning; I am just beginning.  I am just being born.

Megan’s spirit is with me often.  She returned to me in spirit months after she had passed and let me know she was going to help me find true happiness in this lifetime.

In order to find it, I had to lose everything.  I had to let go of everything familiar and be willing to change.

We cling to the old.  We find comfort in the familiar.

But in order to allow new growth, the old must be burned away.

I am living in Overland Park, Kansas and I am able to see you now.  Call or email me to set up a private appointment.

My gifts are stronger and clearer.  The High Council that brings the wisdom in and through me continue to work with me, only now I understand I am one of them.  I am one of the wise ones but I am the one who volunteered to come into the physical this time.

Megan is still with me, and inspired me to share more of her story today.

When I am unhappy and trying to make something happen that I feel should happen, but isn’t really in my heart to do, Megan reminds me of that last day of her life.

“I didn’t walk away, but you can, Cat.”

Walk away from what isn’t right.  Walk away from anything that feels like it isn’t in integrity.  Walk away from unnecessary pain and walk toward your heart’s desire.

Ultimately Megan got to go home.  And she is happy there.

And I am working from home now.  And I am happy about that, too.

When Spirit asks you to let go, let go.

Do not be afraid of the fire.  Let it burn.

And then see what remains deep in the ashes.

Because what remains is all you need to grow the life you have longed to live all along.

In love and peace,

Cat Reigning Elk

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Lightning Strikes Twice

Sometimes it takes a 2×4 over the head for us to get a message.  Sometimes it takes a herd of elk running towards us, or in this case, lightning striking my car.  Not once, but twice.
It took a herd of elk, a vision of a mountain lion chasing the elk, and a few near misses in my car before I accepted the calling to BE Cat RunningElk.  I did not feel worthy of this calling for the first 15 years.  I did not feel confident in my gifts and abilities.  I was hesitant and afraid.
Spirit dragged me into this business.  It was a calling to step out and speak, to inspire others, to coach and counsel countless individuals over the years to be who they are.  In the beginning I did not feel competent, yet Spirit told me to ‘just show up.’  And everywhere I showed up my guides told me what to say.
In healing they told me to ‘just touch people.’  And I did.  And healing came through.
Miracles came.  Wisdom flowed through.  Everywhere I went I saw these wise ones with me, always telling me what to say, where to go and whom to touch.
Now they are telling me it’s time to stop.
I came kicking and screaming to teach my first class, to speak in front of the first church and to coach my first client.  I wanted to do anything but this.   I was shy and insecure in the beginning.

Spirit knew I had a lot to learn.  Most of all I needed to understand who I am.  Now I know.

Now I am confident and strong enough to stand up in front of any group of people and share the wisdom that wants to come through me.  I have no problem doing readings, coaching, counseling anyone Spirit sends my way.  I eagerly put my hands on anyone in pain or sorrow.

Over the years I became comfortable in my calling and in who I came to be.
And so of course, a few years back after a fabulous talk I gave at a church in Santa Fe, Spirit told me, “You need to step down now.”
I heard the voice inside as I was enjoying the love and tears flowing from the congregation.  They were on their feet, clapping, wiping tears and I felt on top of the world.
My guidance spoke again, “It’s time to step down.”
I argued internally, “What?! Step down? Look!! They love me!  I have moved them!  I feel good doing this now!  Why should I step down?”
And Spirit spoke to me loud and clear, “Because your ego is in the way now.”
I saw it.  I understood, and so I stopped speaking in front of large audiences, but continued to teach humbly from my home, over the telephone.
Another year later, Spirit told me again, “You have to stop.”  I argued.  I kicked and did my usual denial routine.  And life got harder.
Last winter I was told I must get off the internet.  I found a way around it.  I decided my daughters could type up the newsletters and I would just write my blogs by hand.  Haha.
Off the internet, quit speaking, quit teaching, and last week, I was told to stop giving.  “It’s killing you,”  they told me.


I didn’t want to believe that.  I am a bit tired, but who isn’t?  A bit weary of the miles I have traveled, but we all have our hardships, right?  It’s part of the path of being of service…and I couldn’t see the way out.
So while I have been watching for a new door to open I have continued.  One more class…one more town…one more session…and yet I knew things were coming to an end.

Last week a friend needed some healing.  My guides told me no way was I to give healing to her.  I argued, “It’s just a friend, I want to give back to her.”
My guides said, “We’ll see about that.”
As a storm began outside the house, we set up the healing table and my friend laid down.  I placed my hands upon her head and heard those voices again, warning me to stop.
I argued and ignored them.
The storm increased outside the open window by my side.
A voice spoke more loudly and firmly.
The Voice was telling me to stop.

The Voice said I wasn’t getting it.  And then it showed me what it wanted me to understand.  “This is a warning.  Look at the power you are dealing with!”

Something told me to look out the window, and in that moment lightning flashed bright and strong and hit my car, only 20 feet away.
I hit the deck, and The Voice said, “Here’s your second warning…” and lightning hit my
car again.

Who can argue with two lightning strikes?

It is time for me to stop.  It’s been twenty plus years of travel, moving, adventures and meeting amazing people like you.
I love you all and have enjoyed the ride.  I’m ready to plant my sweetgrass in the ground.
Seek out the healers, teachers, coaches and counselors near you for guidance.
But always remember the ultimate healer is in you.
I pass the torch to the many who are now stepping up and helping through healing hands, inspirational talks, uplifting words and loving presence.
Thank you for always answering the calling in your heart.

This is my warning to you:  Listen and Follow the Guidance that is speaking to you.  You know what it is telling you.  Don’t deny The Voice that Guides.

Somehow it is guiding us to create a better world.
In love and peace,
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Waiting For The Gate To Open

The little lamb had her head stuck through the red barn gate.

The grass on the other side of the fence looked greener than the

dirt patch in her pen.

Little horns on the Jacob Lamb(a breed with horns) prevented her from pulling her head back through.  Unable to free herself she bleated continuously.

Her mother responded to her every bleat with a long “Baaaaaah.”

I was staying with friends on their ranch when I was asked to help free her.  I stroked the little lamb’s forehead and spoke in a soothing tone to keep her still as my friend worked to unwire the double gates.

When we try to push our way forward, leading with our heads, we often find ourselves blocked by spirit.  If we do not recognize that Divine Timing is delaying us for a good reason, and our egos push to make something happen before it’s time, we may become hooked in an unhealthy way to a situation that requires our constant attention and energy to make it so.

As we relax in our lives and allow Divine Guidance to help us, we learn patience.  We learn if we wait in faith, the gate will open effortlessly.

As the lamb relaxed my friend was able to unwire the gate and set it free.  Joyfully it bounded back to its mother’s side.

In my life I have often found I could make something happen with a lot of focused attention, but it often was not the best that Spirit had for me.  However when I have waited patiently and allowed it to happen, it comes out better than I had hoped.  Working with Spirit, and Divine Timing, allows blessings to come to you, and the gates to open without effort.  And what comes is often better than what we could have ever imagined.

If we follow our heads through life, making things happen from an ego state of being, we may find our little horns hooked.

If you are having a difficult time making something happen, relax and wait.

Take it easy.  Be at peace now and wait for the gate to open.

When it swings wide before you step through with ease and grace into the life you have been waiting for.

Stay centered and learn to lead with your heart, not your horns!

In love and peace,


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Who Heals the Healer?

“I am here to heal you.” he said from somewhere in the dark.

I thought I was doing fine.  I thought I was going to have to heal him.

I squinted my eyes in the dark to see more clearly the fellow at my feet.  His bulging eyes looked up at me.  As his body did not move my concern for him grew.

After accidentally kicking this little frog on my night time walk, I had stopped to make sure he was okay.  He had practically jumped at me, running right into my foot.

As I knelt  beside him I hoped he would hop away from me.  Then I would be reassured all was well.  But instead of hopping away in fear, he remained completely still.

As I moved my hand over him, he still did not hop away.

Reluctant to actually touch him, I tenderly stroked his back with a leaf.  And still, he did not move.  In fact he seemed to relax more.

Now I felt myself wanting to touch him.  Very slowly I moved my hand towards him.  He watched but remained still.

My fingers touched his back, and he sat like one of my clients on a massage table – open and relaxed.

I stroked his back.

He did not budge.

Now I was convinced there must be something wrong with him.  Why wasn’t he hopping away?  Did I break his legs?  Did I stun him?

I began to send healing energy through my fingers to him, hoping to save him.

Instead he responded by saying, “I am here to heal you.

Instantly I was transported back to a moment just a few weeks previously when I was comforting friends of Jen Lee.

When my friend and long time devoted student, Jen Lee, passed over this past year, I was invited to her Celebration of Life.  It was held on beautiful Fox Island on Puget Sound this past December.

At the ceremony I stood in front of Jen’s very large family, extended family, her own students and friends, and spoke of Jen’s gifts, her beauty, and her bright light.   I met Jen at an Expo in Portland nine years ago.  When I first met her she appeared to be a Goddess to me.  Her light was so bright, her wisdom so deep, I was stunned when she asked me to be her teacher.

After the ceremony  I was offering love and support to some of Jen’s closest friends.  I felt Jen’s love for them flowing through me, and I did my best to hug and hold everyone.  I wanted them to feel Jen, to know how much she loves them still.  I did my best to help them understand how close she is to all of them, still.

As one of Jen’s dear friends let me hold her in an embrace one more time, she tenderly whispered in my ear, “Who heals the healer, Cat?”

We held each other and I looked into her eyes.  I saw her compassion and concern for me.  And I thought of the ways I seek healing.

“I will get to the ocean when I return to Florida,” I assured her, and myself, “Nature heals me.”

She continued to hold my gaze.  Her eyes were teary, but my eyes refused to yield to the tears.  I was there to help others.  It was not my time to cry.

She continued to look at me, and I felt a deep wisdom rise up to my lips, “God heals.”

We nodded and silently let each other go.  She left with her husband’s arms around her and I turned away thinking of the many ways God heals.

For my dear friends Megan and Jen, in 2013 they received the ultimate healing and they are now reborn.  Our friends and relations who leave us and go on to the Spirit World, they are healed.

Those of us who feel left behind, must heal.  We must go on without their physical presence.  We must learn new ways of being in relationship.  My relationships with Jen and Megan have not ended, they have merely changed form.

Because of Jen and Megan, my gifts continue to grow stronger.  I feel them, see them and am receiving their love and guidance.  Everyday I am more appreciative of my gifts to connect with those I love beyond the confines of email, phone and all physical means of communication.  Love transcends all limitations.  I can feel their love, just as I can feel and appreciate love long distance, I can feel love from beyond this world.

But being in a physical form means we still need physical healing again and again.  We are in physical form and we need physical touch, too.

And so there in the dark I sat down beside Him.  I looked up at the stars and around me at the boggy pond, and then I gazed in wonder at my Frog friend, the ultimate healer.

As I sat softly touching him, I wondered why I had always been so afraid to touch him.  His skin was soft and his stillness reassured me.  He was gentle and sweet and kind, and he was looking at me.

I took a deep breath and opened myself up to receive whatever I needed.

And He healed me.

Energy flowed through me and over me and around me.  As I opened to His power, I sensed the presence of other spiritual beings.  I knew he was not working alone, yet it was my willingness to reach out and touch him, that opened me up to receive.

I sat on the dark path by the pond, fingers delicately touching his back until he told me what to do next.  In the silence I realized I was the one who needed help.

“Now go home and crawl in bed.” The Healer said.

I did as he directed.  As soon as my head hit the pillow visions came.  And healing rushed through every part of me.

By morning I felt reborn.

In a tender moment when I was in need, my hand reached out to touch Him, and He offered His healing to me.

God heals.

God is everywhere, in everything and everyone.

Stop and let God heal you.

He will show up for you.  Sometimes in dark, unexpected places.  But He is always there, always knowing just what we need to heal.

Reach out.  Touch a frog.  Hug a tree.  Sit by the sea.  Surrender.

God Heals.

In Light and Even In the Dark – with Love,


JenLeeJen Lee
Star Goddess
Body Paint, Make Up and Photography by Lolo Loren www.theladyjester.com
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The Distribution of Love

It’s Valentine’s Day.  And it’s a Full Moon.  So we can feel a lot today, and tonight, in a good way, or in a bad way.  Your choice.

Seems there is more than enough love to go around the world, again and again and again.  We can cover the world in love, but like food, even if there is more than enough, there are distribution problems that keep some people hungry, or lonely.

Some people will sit around waiting for love to come knocking.  Some will wait to see what they get.  Others will go out and find it.  And a few wise folks will take the time to give out the love they have with someone who needs it.

We can generate love with selfless acts.  We can reach out and let someone we love know we are thinking of them.  Don’t wait for romance, just share some love.

If you want roses, plant them.  If you want chocolate, buy some.  If you want real love, give to someone in need.

And you will feel it well up inside you.  Real love lives in each of us.

Don’t wait for love to knock on your door.  There is enough hunger, and fear, and need in the world.  Share what you have inside you.  Share what ever you have with someone who doesn’t have.  Give to give.  Not to get.

We don’t have a shortage of love.  We have a distribution problem.  So do something about it.

Share some love today.

Pass it on.

Happy Valentine’s Day – from my heart to yours.

Cat RunningElk

“There are four questions of value in life…

What is sacred?

Of what is the spirit made?

What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for?

The answer to each is the same.

Only love.”

Lord Byron
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The Magic Returns Again…and Again…and Again

Just when I thought the magic had passed, it returned.

Just when I was ready to live in the memory, and appreciate what was, more amazing miracles came swimming by.

I ask for signs in all that I do.  I pray for guidance, for wisdom and for clarity and I wait for the signs to guide me.

On New Years Eve, as my family and I headed to the beach, I prayed for guidance to bring me into the New Year with greater clarity. I asked about the parts of my life where there seems to be quite a bit of lack. What is the truth? Should I give up or keep the faith?

I asked very loud and clearly in my mind, “Thank you for a sign to me in the next 24 hours.”

Then I did my best to let go and to relax and enjoy the day with my daughters, Lolo, Grace, and Amber and Lolo’s boyfriend, Patrick.

What a blessing to be together, and to be able to relax on the beach, enjoying the setting sun, looking back at all we learned in 2013. We contemplated what 2013 meant for each of us and released burdensome thoughts and old energy into the water.

The gray day challenged us to know when and where the sun would set, and so we came upon the idea of driving to the Atlantic in the wee hours of the morning to see the sun rise. What a grand idea, we all agreed, to have the sun set on 2013 here on the Gulf and then to greet 2014 with the rising sun over the ocean.

With that decision we knew we would not stay too late after sunset, so as to get some sleep before a very early drive to the other side of Florida. As we looked out over the gray water, trying to ascertain if the sun was even still in the sky behind the gray clouds, Grace spotted the dolphin.

Every one of us let out an “aaaahhh…” as we watched the dolphin surface.

Then a second joined the first and they entertained us, then swam off together, traveling from North to South.

Several more came and swam past us. Just when we were straining our eyes to see down the coast, another would appear traveling before us. We watched in amazement as they kept coming. Again and again more dolphin, just when we thought they had all passed by.

Then we sat and discussed the magic of seeing them. We relived every precious moment from the moment we first saw them, to their playful dance, to the last glimmer of a fin before we could no longer trace them in the water.

The water was calm now, with no dolphin in sight, so we discussed leaving.

Just when we were about to leave, another dolphin appeared.  And again a second dolphin came to swim alongside the first.

We watched once again and again we could not help but let out audible ‘awww’s’ with each breath of the dolphin.

Each time they appeared was just as magical as the first time. Again we watched until they were so far south that we could not discern the dolphin from a wave.

Again we discussed how amazing to see so many in one afternoon.

After a good 20 to 30 minutes of recounting the joys of the day we once again prepared to leave.

And again, just when we thought the magic was over, they were back again.

And again they swam from north to south, two at a time, coming up together, taking a breath, and disappearing under the gray water, together.

Up and down, up and down, and side by side, elegant, peaceful, calm and amazing.

We sat contentedly, again, in the memory after they were out of our sight. We laughed out loud in amazement that this magic kept returning.

The sky was getting dark and my family was getting cold, so once again we discussed heading home. We had a long drive home and would need to get some sleep before our morning journey.

Everyone but I was packing.

Inside me came a tug on my heart and a voice that said, “Stay.”

I looked out at the sea and listened some more.

“Wait…” the voice tells me.

I know it isn’t over.

And I know everyone else wants to go. Everyone else is ready to go.

Softly I tell my family, “The dolphin say to stay. They are telling me to wait.” And then I say even more softly, “But we can go if you want.”

My children laugh at my attempt to be true to my heart’s desire and to their needs at the same time.

They honor me by sitting down on the sandy blankets and getting comfortable once again.

As my children let go and surrender to what I think I heard, I doubt. What if I was wrong? What if it was just wishful hearing? Maybe it is over.

I am unsure and nervous. As my insecurities take over the sky darkens.

I take a deep breath and choose to believe.

And then they came. Again.

This time I was the first to see them. Side by side two come gracefully to the surface. And again, from north to south they travel before us.

This time I was so happy to see them I jumped up and ran to the water. I quickly grabbed the cuff of my jeans and pulled them up over my knees. The water is cold but I want to get as close as I possibly can.

And I watched them, thanked them and marveled at them until they were far, far away.

As we drove home in the dark I looked out at the highway signs and remembered my prayer.

For a split second I wonder, “Did I get a sign today?”

My guides laugh with me as I realize the truth.

The magic moments come when you are just about ready to give up.

So wait, just a little longer. Wait for the magic.

The magic will return again and again and again.

Keep your eyes on the horizon and don’t stop believing.Image

In Love and Faith,

Cat RunningElk